About Us

About Us

The year 2023 will be a year of hope, as we all gear up to implement the vision of the National Curriculum framework through the recommendations of NCF 2022. Together, we will develop an inclusive and equitable education system in India, through innovative resources and teaching methods. We are driven by a deep belief to offer a strong foundation of early years Education that can prepare children for school readiness.

With the opening of schools, post the pandemic conditions, Bluestone Education offers Zebra Lines series that targets 21st Century Skills combined with quintessential solutions. Bluestone Education provides educators with both print and digital resources to elevate the standards of quality teaching. Bluestone Education strongly recommends teacher workshops to facilitate the child’s learning curve. Our profound belief is where there is a happy teacher there is always a place for happy learning. We have ideated upon helpful teacher time-savers to stay tuned to latest in teaching practices and also address CPD for the staff. We offer planners, teaching manuals, curriculum apps, and assessment solutions – all designed to provide a smooth teaching-learning experience.

Our blended learning solutions, Baby Zebra and Little Zebra offer an excellent Learning Program for Pre-Primary and Primary education as per the NEP 2020 recommendations. No more fat manuals for the teacher but quick-to-read reference material to introduce them to a broader Pedagogical framework. The availability of Advanced Learning and Teaching Resources like ready-to-use Interactive Notebooks offers innovative modalities to capture the interest of different learners. Our supporting Physical Worksheets ensure diagnostic, remedial, revision, and home assignments.

We look forward to providing learners and teachers with useful resources and extending the support needed for a successful academic year.

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